We are a 24/7 service that supports people who have been impacted by a violent crime in Queensland at some point in their lives. We can provide information, advice, referral and support to victim survivors, their family, and friends. This can include victim counselling and case management.

A violent crime can include assault, murder, manslaughter, property offences with violence including break and enter and robbery, domestic violence, sexual assault or sexual abuse.

We believe that every person has the right to safety and security

VictimConnect is also one of the front doors to support for men who are victims of sexual assault, victims of crime who have intellectual or learning disabilities, homicide support and recovery, and people who are going through intensive court processes, including children. You can find out more about our partner services on our Services & Partners page.

Victims of violent crime have special rights in the criminal justice system which you can find out more about on the Your Rights page.

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