If you have experienced a violent crime in Queensland at some point in your life, VictimConnect can help you. We are a free and confidential service for people impacted by violent crime in Queensland, including family and friends.

Call 1300 318 940

We are here to support people impacted by the forensic testing investigation in Queensland’s state-run forensic lab. Call VictimConnect for confidential support. If you are seeking information about your DNA sample, call the QPS Hotline for DNA Testing on 1300 993 191.

24/7 support for victims of violent crime

VictimConnect can help if you have experienced a violent crime, including:

  • assault
  • property offences with violence, including break and enter and robbery
  • kidnapping
  • stalking
  • threats with a weapon
  • domestic violence (including coercive control)
  • sexual assault or sexual abuse
  • attempted murder
  • people affected by murder or manslaughter.

Who can call

You can call VictimConnect days, months, or even years after experiencing a violent crime in Queensland. Parents, family and friends of any child who has experienced a crime can also call. We can offer support and referral onto specialist children’s services.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support to people who have experienced a violent crime outside of Queensland. We can however help you find supports in your area.

How we help

We provide information and advice to victims of violent crime, their family and friends. We also provide free, short-term, multi-session counselling for victims of violent crime. These sessions take place with a specialist counsellor who understands what you are going through.

Through our Case Management Program, we offer practical support for the impacts of violent crime, including:

  • related medical
  • security
  • financial
  • court
  • understanding your rights as a victim through the criminal justice system
  • Victim Impact Statements
  • referral to specialist services and programs.

We are also one of the front doors to specialist services that can assist:

  • men who have experienced sexual assault
  • victims of crime who have intellectual or learning disabilities
  • with homicide support and recovery
  • people going through intensive court processes, including children

Call 1300 318 940

Information for existing victim support clients (prior to July 1, 2022)