Client Charter

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Everyone has the right to be respected and live without fear from violence

What you can expect from VictimConnect:

  • You will be believed
  • You will be treated with respect and dignity
  • Your safety, and your family’s safety is our priority
  • Your needs will be responded to in a flexible, empowering, and non-judgemental manner
  • You can access a service that recognises your individual circumstances and respects your choices
  • You have the right to provide feedback or ask questions
  • We will be clear about what our service is able to do to meet your needs
  • We will treat your personal and confidential information sensitively and responsibly
  • We will always act as per our Principles and Values

VictimConnect recognises your right to:


  • To live without violence or fear of violence
  • To have access to an environment free from violence
  • To be assisted to recognise and respond to your safety needs.

Access and Equity

  • To receive a service that recognises the impact of colonisation and the unique political and social determinants that continue to impact First Nations peoples.
  • To receive an inclusive service that respects your cultural or linguistic background, age, sexuality, gender identity, disability, mental health, economic status, if you have children, and/or other affiliation or individual difference
  • To have your specific needs recognised and responded to by us
  • Access a suitably qualified interpreter


  • To receive information that is accurate, timely, relevant and easy to understand
  • To be empowered to make informed decisions and be supported to follow through with decisions made
  • You can change your mind or withdraw from our service at any time


  • To be informed why and how we collect personal information and your rights
  • To have the privacy and confidentiality policy of the service explained to you
  • To give informed consent before your information is shared, unless qualified by law
  • To have your records kept secure


  • To easily access accurate information on other services that may be able to assist you
  • To have our service to work professionally with other services to assist you


  • To be assisted to advocate for your rights and/or the rights of your children
  • To have an advocate or support person assist you to engage with our service
  • To know of and have access to your rights and support in the criminal justice system


  • To have access to professional, experienced and skilled workers
  • To have access to information on any limitations to our service or our obligations to you
  • To give constructive feedback on the service received and contribute ideas on the improvement of the service
  • To have access to an effectively managed and administered service
  • To be able to make a complaint and to have the issues responded to in good faith

Legislative Protections

  • To have a service provided that protects your human rights as per Human Rights Act 2019
  • To have a service that upholds the Victim Charter of Rights if you are a victim/survivor of a crime under the Victims of Crime Act 2009

How you can help us to assist you:

  • Provide us with all requested information about your circumstances
  • Tell us if you have special needs
  • Let us know if you need an interpreter
  • Treat our counsellors with courtesy and respect

Giving feedback or making a complaint:

We value feedback. If you are not happy with our service or have ideas on how we can improve we would like to hear from you.

To do this you can discuss this with your Counsellor or ask to speak with a Team Leader or Manager. If they are not on duty at the time of your call – they will return your call at the next available opportunity.

You can also email  or call 07 3156 2323. You may also put your feedback or complaint in writing noted “In Confidence” to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 10575 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 4000.

VictimConnect takes client feedback and complaints very seriously and will investigate appropriately. From initial contact we will keep you informed of the progress and outcome of any investigation or changes made because of your feedback. Importantly, you will not be disadvantaged in being provided a service through this process.

For further information on the management of your privacy, complaints and feedback, our principles and values and our services please see victimconnect.org or ask for a copy when you next contact our service.

Call 1300 318 940