You will speak with many different people and services on your journey to justice. At VictimConnect, we want this journey to feel as smooth as possible and for you to feel supported at all stages. Because asking for help is a very brave thing to do and we thank you for putting your trust in our service. When you call VictimConnect, you can expect to speak with a few people from our service over the course of our working together. We have listed these people and how they help, below.

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Response and Connection

When you first call VictimConnect, our Response and Connection team will ask you about your experience of violent crime and what you need. Depending on what you choose, they may then arrange some counselling sessions for you and/or referral to a case manager or other services. Our team will also be able to give you general information and advice when you call.


If you choose to have counselling sessions through VictimConnect, your sessions will be with the same counsellor every time. Counselling sessions are scheduled over the phone so that you can speak with one of our specialist counsellors no matter where you live. It is important for you to know that you can request a different counsellor at any time.

Find out more about counselling in the video below.

Case Management

If you choose to access our case management service, a case manager will get in touch with you to make a time for your session which could be face-to-face or virtual. You will have the same case manager every time unless you ask for a different case manager. Your case manager can assist you with the practical impact of crime like related medical, security, financial, court and personal impacts as well as referral to specialist services and programs. This can include completing victim impact statements and financial assistance applications through Victim Assist Queensland.

You have the right to be treated with respect, courtesy, compassion and dignity. You can expect to be treated this way by our Response and Connection team, counsellors and case managers. Find out more about what to expect from VictimConnect here.

Getting ready for your Telehealth appointment

Telehealth enables us to provide support to people all across Queensland, no matter where they live. We made this Telehealth Factsheet to help you prepare for your next Telehealth appointment with us.

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